What Or Who Is Making Those Scary Noices?!

Tyra, one of the stable girls at Silverglades Equestrian Center has heard scary sounds from the wine cellar and she needs your help. Ride to her and see what you can do!

I listed the FAQ :)

Lost concrete

The guy who drove the truck with concrete said, he was driving around Jorvik and doesn't know where he is. Can you figure out what his message is supposed to mean?

"Heya! I got lost. North of me is a windmill. To the east is a big castle. I have no idea where I am. I'm super tired right now. Can't drive more now. Stopped on a hill. Come find me./Lightning"


The truck is between the Silverglade Equestrian Center and the castle. Just follow the road to the south from the SEC and be aware that the castle is on your left side.


Plug in the drainage

Sometimes the drainage system gets clogged up. For some reason the drains from the stable also run through the same system. As a bunch of hay does a great job of plugging the system completely every now and then. Hay is very effective at causing stoppages.


The drain is down from the winery but above the riding arena. Nearby is the star shop from the Winery Gardeners Agnetha and Bjorn.


Speed pumping

The pump is in the boiler room. It is a very advanced pump, it is possible to increase and decrease the pump speed by just hitting a couple of buttons. When all the gauges are red the pumo is at its maximum speed.


Click the red button first. Now hit every button from left to right and all gauges should be red.