Video Game "Zombie Horse Pole Bending Apocalypse"

These are the quests concerning the video game "Zombie Horse Pole Bending Apocalypse" and finding a gift for Mrs. Morse. If you want to know where the helicopter is, this is the right place, too.


Used is the best

Talk to build master Olaf. He wants your help to put up a gondola lift he found in the Alps.

  • Ride over to Derek in the Silverglade post office to mail the order for the gondola lift.

Gondola Lift is delivered

Talk to Derek. He says that the gondola lift has been delivered.

  • Ride and find out where the helicopter landed. It was flying in the direction of North Link.
  • Just follow the road to North Link!
  • Speak to build master Olaf.

We are missing an excavator

Speak with build master Olaf.

  • Ride over to the builders at North Link and see if they will lend you an excavator.

Zombie Horses vs Excavators

Talk to the Crew Leader Bengt.

  • Find someone who is interested in Pole Bending and see if they have a copy of Zombie Horse Pole Bending Apocalypse.
  • Speak to Josh at the Moorland Pole Bending.

Lost Zombie Horses

Speak with Josh.

  • Ride to Jasper's old house and look in the attic for the video game.
  • Grab the hat! You remember that hat... Who was wearing it?

Find the owner of the hat

Ride over to James in Fort Pinta.

  • Speak to James. He explains that the game was much fun. He played it all day and all night and forgot to take care of his costumers, so he had to sell it.
  • Ride over to Firgrove.
  • Speak to Felicity.

On the way to the top

Felicity doesn't know exactly where Mrs. Morse can be found. Ride over the mountain pass to Valedale Lake and look for Mrs. Morse.

  • Speak with Mrs. Morse.

Pole Bending Apocalypse

Mrs. Morse isn't sure about handing out the video game. She makes a deal.

  • Ride the Pole Bending Apocalypse race.
  • Ride back to North Link.
  • Talk to the Crew Leader Bengt.

Wrecking and Clearing

Talk to build master Olaf.

  • Mark the trees that need to be removed for the gondola lift.
  • Come back tomorrow.
  • Speak with the Crew Leader Bengt.


We need concrete

Speak with build master Olaf. Now he needs concrete.

  • Ride down to North Link and ask the builders if you can borrow some concrete.

Play together

Talk to the Crew Leader Bengt. You need to help him.

  • Find someone who likes the video game as much as the builder at North Link.
  • Ride to Firgrove and speak to Mrs. Morse.

It is a date

Talk to Mrs. Morse.

  • Meet construction worker Bengt (also known as "The Builder" or "Crew Leader") at North Link.
  • Speak with Bengt.

Now we need a crane

Speak with build master Olaf.

  • Ask Bengt, the builder, about borrowing a crane. They have one, but...

Love at first video game

Talk to Bengt.

  • Find the perfect present for Mrs. Morse. Something to do with Pole Bending maybe?
  • Ride to Josh at the Moorland Pole Bending.


Speak with Josh.

  • He will give you the trophy he won a few years ago in the Pole Bending World Championship.
  • Take the trophy.
  • Talk to Tan.

A romantic trophy

Talk to Tan. Romantic isn't enough. It might need a little more.

  • Take the trophy.
  • Speak with Mrs. Holdsworth. She will know how to decorate it.

A flowery trophy

Talk to Mrs. Holdsworth. It still isn't enough. Mrs. Morse likes Hardrock.

  • Speak with the shady guy down at Dark Core's landing place on the beach outside the Moorland Stables.

A scary trophy

Speak with the shady guy and take the trophy.

  • Give the improved trophy to Bengt, the builder at North Link.
  • There is something missing, again...

A finished trophy

Talk to Bengt. He welded on a little excavator on the top of the trophy.

  • Give the trophy to Mrs. Morse.


You need to speak to Olaf to finish the quest with the Gondola Lift.