Valentine's Week!

Valentine's Day is coming up and the people of Jorvik feel that it's time to tell their certain someone how they feel... Talk to Derek, the postman in Silverglade Village and see if he needs any help with all the love letters.

1. At the fountain.


2. On the barrel at the right, opposite to Felix.


3. On the roof from the post office to the left.


4. Near the Barbershop where Donald, the cutter, is.


5. At the vet's.


6. Opposite of the vet, behind the house on the right.


7. Behind the house, where a tractor stands in front of.


8. Near the house behind the Star Shop and the Decoration Shop.


9. Behind the vehicle standing near the Barbershop and the Equipmet Shop.


10. Follow the way by the vehicle - the letter is behind the two yellow houses.