James' Treasure Hunt

This quest extends over several days and implies a lot of travel. Prepare yourselves for a long adventure!



Heya! I was surfing J-Bay the other day and made a great deal. A real treasure map! Well... at least one out of the four pieces of one. If I could only get a hold of the other three parts then I could find the treasure. [...] What do you say?


Find the person who calls themself "Butler_01" on the internet.

There's only one butler in Jorvik: Godfrey! Ride to the Silverglade Winery and speak to him. He will give you his part of the map, but he wants his share of the treasure.

Where is the grave of California Jones?

James has been surfing on Jorvikpedia while you were gone: The map belonged to the famous American treasure hunter Mississippi Jones. He died a long time ago, but he was an adventurer who came to Jorvik a generation ago. His heirs couldn't decide on how to split the treasure so they tore the map in four pieces and kept on peace each. James was lucky to find a lead on Mississippi Jones' daughter, California Jones. Her grave is somewhere nearby. She was buried with a view of Fort Pinta.

The grave is at Doyles Abbey. It's in the northeastern corner, hidden in the bushes.


Where did the bouquet of flowers come from?

Someone has placed a bouquet of dandelions on the grave. Maybe that person can help you find the next piece of the map.

Mrs. Holdsworth in Moorland can help you out, because California Jones was her Grandmother! She loved Dandelions so Mrs. Holdsworth put a bouquet of them on her grave every year.

She has the other piece of the old map. If you want it, you have to share the treasure with her.


The final piece of the map

James had been doing a bit more research and did find out about the last piece of the map. He's pretty sure it's in Silverglade Village. Mississippi's son Washington left everything he had to the people of Jorvik. All his possessions were taken care of by the council in Silverglade.

Speak with the Councilman in Silverglade Village and ask him about the will of Washington Jones. Sadly Washington was an avid collector of just about everything. When they want to archive his collection it filled up the entire basement of the city hall. This really wasn't convenient in the long run so everything was moved to Firgrove.

Speak with the Councilman in Firgrove about the collection of Washington Jones. But again it isn't there anymore. The collection was so big that they were forced to hire out a place in an old mine around here. There was a lot of unused space in that old mine. It is shut down now and there was a big flood this spring so unfortunately the Councilman isn't sure what has happend to the collection.

Find the piece of the map by the old mine outside of Firgrove and ride back to the Councilman in Firgrove. Sadly you have to share your treasure again, because that piece of the map belongs to all the people of Jorvik.


A whole map

Back to James, he put together the map. He gives you the map, because he needs to take care of his customers that are here and want to spend money in Fort Pinta. You need to come back to him when you have found the treasure.

Follow the map to Mississippi Jones' Treasure.

Where is the marked position?

The marked position is directly at the entry of Fort Pinta. When you enter it over the bridge, have a look at the wall on the left. There should be a green exclamation mark.... Oh well, that's not much good ;)


The first clue


"If you want to find the next clue you will need to make your way to Doyle's Chapel. Ride there but don't leave the path that a bird would take between here and there."


The clue is not far from the road towards Doyles Abbey. The exclamation mark floats over a stone in the sand.

The second clue


"Follow the beach towards the river. By the smallest pillar where the river comes out you will find the next clue."


The clue is at the smallest rock.

The third clue


"Follow the running water and look for a way across. Right there by the water's edge you will find the next clue."


Ride over to bridge to Firgrove and turn right. The clue is at the beach.

The fourth clue


"Stand in the center of the bridge and look at the castle. Ride in that direction and before you are half-way there you will find the next clue."


You will find the next clue at the Fields of Gold. It is hidden between some stones.

The fifth clue


"Go up the nearest road and ride back to the place where you began the hunt. Where three roads meet you will find the next clue."


Ride the way back to the roads. The clue is at the wall.

The sixth clue


"Next to you is a high cliff. Ride up on it and look around for the next clue."


The clue is on top of the cliff, at a flowerpot.

The seventh clue


"Now you are almost there. Look again towards the castle. In front of it you see the druids' monument. At the foot of that monument you will find the next test."


This refers to the druid circle between the hill you are now and the castle. The big stone in the middle is what you are searching for.


The Druids know

That rock looks a little strange. You wonder what the runes mean? These runes seem really old, but who can help you read them? Elizabeth Sunbeam probably knows what they mean.

Ride to Valedale and speak with Elizabeth. She knows that old rock. The runes telling the story of an ancient ritual that will open the mountain. Whatever that means. Mississippi Jones must have figured out the ritual and hidden his treasure there. The good news is that the druids learn that ritual in pre-school, so Elizabeth can help you.

To open the mountain you'll need to collect four different stones. They will be used in the ritual later. But first you need to find the stones.


The first stone - Red volcanic rock

The first stone is red volcanic rock and you'll find it in the mountain at the end of Everwind Fields. You need to find a way deep into the mountain to get that stone. Maybe you can ask someone there to help you?

Speak with Bengt, the builder. He has millions of red volcanic rocks. You can take one. When they blasted out the tunnel they filled truck after truck with them. They are behind the big cliff.

Take a red volcanic rock and ride back to Elizabeth.


The second stone - Earth Stone

The next rock you need is a kind of Earth Stone. You can usually find this kind of stone in freshly dug ground. Around the Winery there should be lots of them. It shouldn't be hard to get one.

Ride to the Silverglade Winery and speak to Judy. She says that the Baroness thinks they are ugly so they have cleared away all stones they could find.

Look around the edge of the winery fields for an earth stone.

Take an Earth Stone and ride back to Elizabeth.


The third stone - Moss Stone

The Moss Stone you need is rare but we used to be able to find them by the Silversong River beach. Look there. It might take a while but you will find one.

Look around the Silversong River Beach for a Moss Stone.

Take a Moss Stone and ride back to Elizabeth.


The fourth stone - Star Stone

Star Stones you can find high up in the mountains around here. It is harde to ride up there, but Elizabeth has an idea. Look around the rocky outcrops by the road on the way up to Valedale lake. When they were building the road, they surely knocked down some Star Stones and those should still be there.

Look along the road to Valedale lake for a Star Stone.

Take a Star Stone and ride back to Elizabeth.


Runestone Secret

Now that you have all the different stones it is time to solve the riddle of the Runestone. It is a puzzle. Elizabeth won't explain how it is done, but you got me ;) Instead she's going to tell you the meaning of the runes. See if you can figure it out for yourself.

Ride over to the runestone and read what it says.


Earth colours

"Place the stones in order from inside out after colour, from the planets core and outwards."


Start from the middle and work your way slowly outwards:

  1. Red volcanic rock
  2. Earth Stone
  3. Moss Stone
  4. Star Stone


When you have difficulties, you can click the rocks. They will give you a clue which stone is needed.


Back to Fort Pinta

Where the stone was is now a chest instead! Inside it you find a bunch of silver coins, an old statue and a gorgeous hat. It is time to return to Fort Pinta and tell James what you found.

James surely takes only the best: the silver coins. You only get the statue and the hat. Now it's time to share your treasure.


Share the treasure

Ride to the Councilman in Firgrove and tell him about the disappointing end to the treasure hunt. He tells you that the silver coins are Ten-pence, worth about half a shilling.

The statue is an ancient statue made by the old horse tribes here in Jorvik. This is a priceless cultural artifact! It belongs to all the people of Jorvik so it needs to be displaye so everyone can see it. As it is an ancient, find the Councilman needs to take it from you. But you should get a reward for finding it.

The Councilman also will see that the Butler and Mrs. Holdsworth get their share of the reward but you definitely deserve your share.


You can keep the fantastic hat!