Soon after you can enter Golden Hills you'll get the licence to fish! But the fish vary from day to day and it's an annoying search with long ways to ride until you find the right place to fish.


Therefore I created this map which shows you all the fish and their locations on each day. Mr. K. Trout only gives you quests within Golden Hills and Mr. Cod gives you quests for the rest of Jorvik. Now there's Mr Pike who gives you quests in Harvest Counties.

Mr. K. Trout and Mr. Cod will give you reputation points for the fraction "Jorvik Fishing Club" and Mr. Pike's fraction is "Jorvik Fishing Club - Southern Chapter".

Mr. K. Trout

Monday: Orange Northern Pike
Tuesday: Black Perch
Wednesday: Pink White Croaker
Thursday: Blue Cod
Friday: Yellow Herring
Saturday: Purple Whitefish
Sunday Red Plaice

Mr. Pike

Monday: Orange  Northern Pike/Cod
Tuesday: Black  Northern Pike/Common Roach
Wednesday: Pink  Whitefish
Thursday: Blue  Whitefish
Friday: Yellow  Whitefish/Herring
Saturday: Purple  Pike/Herring
Sunday: Red  Pike/Cod

Mr. Cod

Monday: Orange White Croaker
Tuesday: Black Cod
Wednesday: Pink Herring
Thursday: Blue Whitefish
Friday: Yellow Plaice & Perch
Saturday: Purple Plaice
Sunday Red Plaice

If you want to use my map on your website: please ask me before you copy it. Mostly I would say yes, but I don't like seeing my map on facebook.