Falling Stars


Stars have fallen from the sky and landed all over Jorvik. Try to find as many as you can! If you open the map and click on the discovered areas tab you'll be able to see in what areas you can find the stars and how many you have collected. Click on the star when you find it to collect it!


By the way: You'll get nothing, even if you found all stars. It's just a pasttime.


Moorland: 9 Stars

Nilmer's Highland: 4 Stars

Silverglade Equestrian Center: 11 Stars

Fields of Gold: 4 Stars

Everwind Fields: 5 Stars

Valedale: 10 Stars

Firgrove: 7 Stars

Goldenhills: 10 Stars

Jarlaheim: 5 Stars

Dino Valley: 10 Stars

This is the actual map from Jorvik. You can find the interactive map right underneath this one.

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Moorland (9)

1. Behind the stables in the coppice.


2. The left way in the Demascus Mine.


3. To the right of Moorland Pole Bending where you can see the two higher rocks.


4. On the Moorland Championship racing track. Below the second jump on the left (on the alternative track). The star is between the bushes.


5. On the beach near by the BBQ area.


6. At the Cozy Picnic Spot above the Moorland Smithy.


7. At the G.E.D. Construction Site. Ride left onto the little green slope.


8. Behind Jasper's House in the little hollow.


9. Left of the Lighthouse.

Nilmer's Highland (4)


1. Left of the Mystic Wagon between the trees.


2. From there to the top of the rocks. The star is on the left at the end of the ridge.


3. At the Wild Bobcat Track: There are two small brick walls to jump over. To the right is a tree with a fence and beneath it you can find the star.


4. Behind the Smuggler's Hideout.

Silverglade Equestrian Center (11)


1. Ride along the white wall behind the mailbox and around the corner to find the star.


2. In the library rear left is a star under the ceiling.


3. Ride along the brick wall behind Tyra on the left side. The star is in the corner of the wall by a tree.


4. On a terrace below the back of the cellar building. The star is hidden behind some barrels.


5. In the Silverglade Manor's Cellar behind the big tank.


6. On top of the Riding Arena.


7. Behind the Riding Arena at the Cliffside County.


8. Cliffside County: Ride off of the racing track to the left, towards the single fence and from there up to the mountain ridge.


9. Cliffside County: Right to the BBQ area are some trees where the star hides.


10. Cliffside County again. On top of the rocks with a view to the riding arena.


11. Cliffside County. Follow the racing track to the bridge. The star is below the bridge and it's a bit difficult to describe the way to grab it, so please watch the video ;)

Fields of Gold (4)

1. Above the G.E.D. Construction Site, behind the big sign.


2. South of the bridge to Firgrove is a small passageway between the rocks. Behind a stack of straw bales is a hidden star.


3. On the beach to the right near the bridge to Firgrove.


4. At the Old Boat House next to the Firgrove bridge.

Everwind Fields (5)


1. East of Landon by the tree.


2. From there northwards to Hollow Woods, directly between the mountains. (Around X: 202 Y: 119)


3. At the Everwind Dumping Site.


4. Near the Everwind Oil Fields by the rocks.


5. Behind the gondola lift house. (Befor level nine: The star is hidden behind a rock).

Valedale (10)


1. Ride up the slope behind the stables to a big tree.


2. On the back of the Druid Training Place. It's outside the corral on the left, between two rocks.


3. Just right to the second star: Pass between the rocks and ride down the slope, until you come to a rock outcrop overgrown with tress and bushes. Ride slowly and be careful!


4. At the Mountain Pass: The star hides at the end of the way behind a fence. You have to jump to reach it.


5. Under the bridge.


6. On the way from Valedale to Valedale Lake: In front of the last curve there's a green covered way on the right which you can follow.


7. On the same road on the left side there's a way, too! (Ride carefully, it's overgrown and close to the cliffs).


8. Valedale Lake: By the haystack under the unused obstacle behind Mr. Anderson.


9. Valedale Lake: Under the waterfall.


10. Valedale Lake: In front of the Lake Road to Valedale, ride across the bridge and right hand up the slope.

Firgrove (7)


1. Firgrove Village: Behind the house right of Mrs. Packard's. 


2. Firgrove's Racing Tracks: Take the left track. The star is underneath the wooden "brigde".


3. Firgrove's Racing Tracks: (Old track backwards) By the long bridge without jump holes. On the right there's a way into the mountain. The star sits on the overlook above Firgrove between some bushes.


4. Silverglade Mines: Behind the long building.


5. At the Construction Site near the yellow digger.


6. At Björn the bear: Circle the bear's den.


7. Firgrove Mountain Passage: The star is behind the Mountaineer's hut.

Goldenhills Valley (10)


1. In the smuggler's cave.


2. On the race track north of the Goldenleafs Stables.


3. At the Labyrinth Coast.


4. In the Southsea Acres is a small house with pumpkins. Be careful, it's a little difficult to reach.


5. At Jasper's Pumpkin Farm in the mountains behind the house (in the race track).


6. At the Cauldron Marsh.


7. Shadowy Hills: On the right side of the Old King's Road.


8. Scarecrow Hill: In the Old Church Ruin.


9. Goldenleafs Woods: On the northwestern way at the end of the hills.


10. Goldenleafs Woods: Below the road between the trees.

Jarlaheim (5)


1. Before you come to Jack and Jill, ride downstairs on the left. Don't leave Jarlaheim, turn left again before you reach the gate. Here should be the area of the smith, full with smoke. The star is between an empty shop and a little wooden shop.


2. This time you need to turn right, when you stand in front of the area where Jack and Jill are. Ride straight ahaead, past the (yet) empty barber shop. Past the glasses shop and follow the stairs upwards. On your left side the star hides underneath your current location, between the houses.


3. Ride back the route until you reach the market square with the fountain. (Jack should be on your right). Now turn left and ride along between the shops and the fountain. Then downstairs and leave Jarlaheim. Follow the road and turn right at the first opportunity to find the Stablebucks Cafe. In front of it there are some vegetable containers and a barrel. The star is in the barrel.


4. Back to  Jarlaheim: Ride upstairs until you reach the walls. Ride along on it until you reach the area "Jarlaheims Road" and a house is on your left. Behind the house ride downstairs. Opposite of you should be the old woman "Cornelia". Turn right; the star is near the way you came from.


5. Again right again on the walls until you reach the tower with the balcony. The star is on the right side of the balcony.

Dino Valley (10)