Your Profile

Your character in the game, as well as your horse, have several skills that determine how good you are at riding. Every time you go up a level your skills will improve. Your skills are also improved by the clothes you wear. Your horse's level and gear also determine how good it is.


Your Character

Here you can see your character name, your current level and the XP.



The skills are devided in skill development, level bonus and equipment bonus.


Riding: Improves how fast you can ride and how well the horse turns when you change direction.


Caring: Determines how long your horse is satisfied after you have cared for it. Also improves how much damage it can endure bevor you have to see the vet.


Command: Shortens how long it takes the horse to change gait.


Jumping: Improves how high and far you can jump with the horse.




In the middle you can see the equipment you are wearing right now. Move your mouse over the little pictures to see its boni of it. There are five different items to upgrade your skills.


Your Horse

This is the character sheet from your horse. It's based on the same principle as the one above.



Strength: How high and far the horse can jump.


Discipline: How well it responds to commands.


Swiftness: How fast the horse is.


Endurance: How much injury the horse can take.


Agility: How fast the horse changes direction.




Here you can see the equipment your horse is wearing. Again there are five items to upgrade the skills of your horse.




This shows your reputation with every fraction you found. Gain reputation by doing quests, daily quests and daily races. A high reputation with a fraction will let you access better clothes and gear in the shops. You also need more reputation when you want to know what the story is all about. There are special reputation quests, too!


Neutral: 0 - 499


Friendly: 500 - 1499


Liked: 1500 - 2999


Popular: 3000 - 5999


Admired: 6000