The Registration

The registration must be completed online at All you need to play Star Stable is a valid E-Mail adress or a Facebook account and of course a good internet connection.


Star Stable is played via your computer's web browser - make sure you definitely use the latest version. I made the best experiences with Firefox.

Please note: You will need to install the game on your computer!


Unfortunately it's not available for MACs, Smartphones or tablets.


Step 1 - Create an Account


  • You can choose between creating a new account with Facebook or use the registration form. (I heard that facebook doesn't work properly..)
  • Be sure to type in a valid Email address!
  • Also you should create a safe password (use a mixture between uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters).
  • You don't need a Redeem Code and I have no clue where to get them ^^"
  • Be sure to read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Star Stable.


Now click "Create Account" :)


Step 2 - Install the game

As already said, you need to install the game. So just click "Install".


Step 3 - Design your character

Here you can design your character. You can choose between different heads, colours, hair styles, eye colours and Make ups. Just use the arrows. You can also have a look into "Animals & Humans" on the left - I listed all available designs :)


Step 3 - Choose your name

Choose your name. You have tons of possbilities! If you want to see them all, just click here: Girl Names


Step 4 - Design your horse

You can choose between different colors and mane colors. As all the other ones before, you can also see them by clicking here: The Horses


Step 5 - Choose your horse's name

You can choose between lots of names and combine them together. All names are also listed here: Horse Names



Step 6 - Starting Over or Confirm!

I have to say that you CAN change your character. Ingame you can buy many different hair styles, hair colours and make up. Also you can buy another mane and tail for your horse (but not other colours).


Step 7 - Play!