Riding & Care

Care for your horse every day to make it happy. If you don't care for it, it will become sad. The more days pass without care the sadder it becomes. When it is really sad it will perform worse than normal.


Feed your horse

When the green spinning icons appear around your horse's portrait you are in an area where you can take care of your horse. To do this, dismount and use your brush, hoof pick, water bucket, and hay on your horse. Therefore you need to stand beside your horse.

Your horse needs care when any of the Need icons below its health bar is red. Yellow and orange colored icons mean that you should give your horse attention soon. For every red icon the horse will perform worse.


Feed your horse every day! You have to buy feed and you can do this in every Equipment shop.


Hay: 50 JS | 5 SC, large pack of hay: 500 JS |20 SC, Apple: 100 JS | 3 SC, Orange: 100 JS | 3 SC.

A bucket of water for your horse. You can fill it at every fountain and in your home stable.


Care for your horse


Groom your horse!


Clean your horse's hooves!

Happy-Meter Level

Keep caring for your horse up for seven days in a row and it will become inspired! An inspired horse performs better than normal. Note: If you don't take care of your horse for one day it will become sadder again, taking two points away from the Happy-meter. You can also go to the vet and pay 100 SC to make your horse healthy and happy.


Happy-meter levels:






Sad horse (red smiley)

Grumpy horse

Content horse (yellow smiley)

Happy horse

Inspired horse (green smiley)



To ride your horse move close to it and when the cursor changes to a saddle, click on the horse. If you want to dismount your horse click the dismount button at the bottom of the screen, left of the horseshoe menu.


Controlling your horse:

W - Accelerate

S - Slow down / move backwards

A - Turn left

D - Turn right

X - Stop

Space - Jump (once you've learned how)


Learn To Jump

Jumping with your horse is an advanced skill and not an action you can perform from the beginning. You need to be a Star Rider and have completed a special quest to be able to jump.

Once you are level 5 ride to Steve's Farm and speak with Justin to get the quest.


Horse Gait

There are different gaits your horse can learn when it gains higher levels.












Gallop, faster




If it's red it means you can't move and need to change the direction.


This appears when you reached a gait in which you can jump.


Neither you nor your horse can swim. You will be turned back to your last position if you try it.