Your Home Stable

Please note: Only as a Star Rider you can use all functionalities of your home stable.


As soon as you are a Star Rider, Moorland Stables will be your home stable. To enter your private stable you need to ride to your home stable and simply click on the door. Here you will be alone and won't see other players. Of course you will be able to switch home stables whenever you like but it will cost 25 Star Coins when you do.

By the way: All home stables look alike!



After entering your home stable, you can see your closet directly in front of you. In your wardrobe you have space for tons of clothes, equipment, saddlebags, items and pets!

In front of your closet there's a basin where you can fill your bucket.



This is your own stable. You can have up to ten horses (including your first horse). There's a notice board where you can automatically arrange your horses so that they are standing in the stalls.

In the future "Horse Island" will be released: If you don't have enough room in your stable, you can send your horses on vacation. This will give you more room in your stable. When you want your other horses back, make sure, you will have enough room in your stable.


Stable Care Help

For a fee, Stable Care can take care of your horses! Perfect for when you are busy and cannot take care of your horses by yourself. During the period when it is active ALL the horses in your stable will be fed, watered, brushed and have their hooves taken care of. This will make sure that your horses' mood doesn't decline while you are away. If the mood is not already at maximum, it should improve while Stable Care is active, exactly as if you took care of your horses yourself.

Just choose the number of days you would like to have Stable care (maximum 30 days), pay the fee, and your horses will be taken care of as long as it is active!


It costs 7 SC per day! (30 day = 210 SC)