First Time Ingame - What Now?


Congrats! You successfully steered through the registration oddyssey.

(By the way: Sometimes loading the game takes longer.)


The game starts with a magical story. You can choose between reading or skipping it (I recommend to read, so you know what the game is about.) I won't write it down here or tell you, what it's all about. I think everyone should experience it on their own :)


Now you are at Moorland Stables. These are your home stables. For the first days, you will stay here and help out. You will learn how to ride and get to know all the  characters (NPCs) around you. Now you can do daily quests, races and some story quests.


Every now and then you'll see green pop-up windows like the one on the right. Read them - they are tutorials for the game controls. You need to follow the instructions to get your first quest.



As the first green note says, you can use the arrow keys (A, S, W, D) and your mouse to move around. If you don't like the position of the camera, you can change it by holding the right mouse button and move your mouse. The camera will switch back if you let it go.


On Foot

W - forward

A - to the left

D - to the right

S - backwards


With your horse

W - forward/more speed

A - to the left

D - to the right

S - backwards/less speed

X - stop


Have a look at "Riding & Care" for more information about gaits and much more!


With the pink horse transporter

At every stable and at some special places are horse transporters/carriages. It's much more comfortable and faster to use them, when you want to travel to another location. You can only visit locations you already know.

To that you need to ride into the horse transporter and choose the location you want to travel to. You need to decide with which game currency you want to pay.


The costs will be 100 Jorvik shillings or 5 Star Coins.


You can travel for free, when you want to return to your home stable: Click your mobile phone and select "Call for pick up".


If you are near a barbeque area or chairs, this symbol appears at the Horseshoe Menu on the left. Click it to sit down or get up. Another symbol at the same place appears in places where you can dance (Fort Pinta Disco...).

It changes when you can dismount your horse.


Talk to people

You can talk to every game character with a "!" above their head. For details on the ! you can have a look at "Symbols" and "Quests" on the left.

You can use the chat, if you want to talk to other players. If you want to know more about the chat, have a look at "Chat & Symbols".


What are all those things on my screen?

First of all I would like to explain the screen to you, even if you think it's not interesting for the moment. We'll start at the upper left and move in clockwise direction.

In the upper left corner you can see your current level in the small circle, your name and the green line, which is your health bar.


When you're riding the first time, the profile bar will be extended. Now you can see the current level, name and the XP (Experience Points) of your horse. The smiley underneath the horses head shows the Happy-Meter level of your horse.


On the upper right side you can see all recent notifications.

They're closed by default. If you want to read them, you need to click the arrow in the top right corner. When you get new notifications (like your friend logs in or the countdown for a championships starts), a small window will pop up and disappear after a few seconds.




On the lower right corner within the horseshoe menu, you can see a small map section. The white arrow shows your current position and the direction in which you are oriented. If you want to see the whole map, just click on it or press "m". Look at "The Map" if you want to know more about it.


This is your Experience Points (XP for short) bar. You get XP by completing quests. When you have gained enough XP you will rise to the next level. Every time you gain a level your character will improve. Her skills will rise and she will be able to buy better clothes and gear. Some quests are also only avaible once you have reached a certain level. Going up in levels is important, both to improve your character and to progress in the storyline.


In the lower left corner you can see the chat. You can open it with a click at the speech bubble. The green highlight shows, in which chat you are. When new messages are available, the correspondig tab blinks.


If you want to know more, read "Chat & Symbols".


This is all you can see at the moment. All symbols of the horseshoe menu are explained at "Chat & Symbols" on the left.


Using Items

To use an item, drag it from your inventory to the place in the world where you want to use it. If it can be used, the frame around the icon will turn green.


To change clothes on your character/gear on your horse:

1. Open the character sheet and your inventory

2. Drag the item from your inventory to the character sheet and drop it in the slot where it can be used.

3. The piece of clothing that was currently in the slot is automatically returned to the inventory.


You can also double click on the piece of clothing/gear in your inventory to change it.