The Costs

I need to inform you rightaway that Star Stable is free to register, but if you want to access all areas and features SSO has to offer, you will need to pay for a full membership. Otherwhise you will probably only enjoy the game until level 5 - afterwards you won't get new quests and can't explore other locations.

Full-membership players will also be able to:

  1. Progress very far beyond the free-to-play limitations of the game.
  2. Gain access to new clothes and equipment.
  3. Receive a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins every Saturday morning.
  4. Chat freely with other players.


Star Rider Membership

To play Star Stable is basically free, but - as explained above - in order to gain access to the complete game experience, players need to pay for a monthly subscription.

The prices listed here are all in USD. You can choose between four types of membership:

Monthly: $7.49 per month

3 Months: $19.50 ($6.50 per month)

6 Months: $31.99 ($5.33 per month)

Lifetime*: $69.95


*Lifetime: As long as you want to play, the game exists, or as long as you live.  You have to pay it only once and then never again! With Lifetime you'll receive some special, strictly limited items, too :)


Please note: With the Star Rider membership you start a subscription! This means you will have to pay every month and the money will be collected automatically (except for Lifetime, of course, which you have to pay only once). It doesn't matter which type of payment you chose.


If you don't want them to collect your money automatically, you have to cancel the subscription: Log in -> My Account -> Cancel Subscription


The advantages of being Star Rider

Without the membership you can only:

  • Own your very own horse
  • Chat with friends
  • Access Fort Pinta and the Moorland Stables


As a Star Rider you'll have access to loads of more features:

  • Be part of the thrilling story
  • Compare highscores in more than 25 different races
  • Gain access to new content added every week
  • Race with your friends in different group-races
  • Create your own riding club with your friends
  • Get access to exciting equipment and clothing
  • Gain several more levels
  • Enjoy member-only daily quests
  • Explore a huge world of adventure
  • Solve hundreds of quests
  • Gain access to the big riding arena
  • Teach your horse to jump
  • Recieve a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins


As a Star Rider I can say that a full membership is really worth it!


Star Coins

Besides the ingame currency "Jorvik shillings", which you can earn through daily quests, there are Star Coins. You can earn Star Coins only by buying them or through the weekly allowance from your Star Rider membership.


Star Coins are the only way to buy new horses, pets and some special clothes and equipment. You can also pay with SC when your out of Jorvik shillings ;)


They're available to the following conditions:


100 Star Coins = $4.60

200 Star Coins = $8.49

500 Star Coins = $13.99