Championships are races taking place several times a day in different locations and are for all players! The attendance is voluntary but the best riders are welcome to compete. They are longer than a normal race and full of tough competitors on difficult routes. The competition is run in groups of a maximum of 20 participants and every group will have its own winners.
It is fun to race against 19 other players :D



  1. Starting point Moorland, near Mrs. Holdsworth house.
  2. Starting point Fort Pinta, at the beach (which you can see when you are standing on the bridge).
  3. Starting point Firgrove, left to the entrance of Firgrove Village.
  4. Starting point Valedale, near the new sales stables.
  5. Starting point Goldenhills Valley, behind the entrance, on the left.
  6. Starting point Jarlaheim, between Jarlaheim and Jorvik Stables, besides the Sunfield farm.




The starting times vary from server to server. If you want me to collect them here, please send me the times via "Contact" in the navigation menu and also note your server :)

Usually a news feed will pop up one and a half hours before the Championship starts. It will then reappear several times as starting time comes closer.



To join the Championship you need to ride to the place where the starting point of the chosen race is. You can join by talking to the Championship Manager, but only 5 minutes before the race starts! Please read what the Championship Manager says, because sometimes it happens that you register for another race but not the Championship itself. (I don't know if this bug has been fixed already.)


Best conditions:

In order to achieve a better place or win the Championship, you should get yourself and your horse the best clothing and equipment available! Also your horse should achieved the maximum level (15) and be happy. If your horse is sad or not been cared of, you can bring it to the vet at the edge of every Championship location. But you have to pay 100 Star Coins to get your horse pleased. So make sure, you did it before the race starts.



1st - 3rd place: 1x varicolored ribbons (gold, silver and bronze) as decoration for your horse.

4th - 20th place: 25 Jorvik Shillings


Please note: You'll get your prices trough the ingame post.





1 1/2 hours before the Championship starts, a notification about it pops up. Then you will get another notification in further intervals.

Be sure to get there in time! Remember, your horse needs to be happy and be cared of and make sure to put on the best race gear if you want to win!

Once you are added to the race group, you need to stay in the starting area until the race starts. If you leave the start area you will be automatically removed from the race as the Championship Manager has to reserve the start places for people who are there. If you are fast enough, you can talk to the Manager and registrate again.

As in any other race here is a three-second countdown, too.


By the way: You can't choose with who you want to race. The groups are created random by the game.