Chat & Symbols

Here you can read all about the chat and symbols!


You can use the chat to talk with other players in the game. Chat messages will show both in the chat window and over players' heads. To write something in the chat: Press Enter - Write your message - Press Enter again. You can also click the text field in the chat window. Then your message will show in the game. To open the chat window, click the speech bubble button in the lower left corner of the screen or simply press Enter.

Channels: Depending on the chat channel you are writing in, your message will be shown to other players in different ways. Click the channel tabs in the chat window to change chat channel.


Say: All players nearby will see it.

Friend: Select a friend to talk to. Only you and your selected friend can see this chat.

Global: All players in cities, villages, stables and in whole Jorvik will see it.

Group: All group members can see this chat.

Club: Here you can write with your club members.



Please note! You can only chat when you confirmed your E-Mail!


By the way:

Some words will be censored with ##-symbols. You can't write abusive language.


Apart from that:

Always be nice! No one requires welcome formulars, but "please" and "thank you" is always nice to read.

You can be reported to the support when you are rude to others! If you are too rude or often reported, you'll get a penalty from SSO! In extreme cases, this may even lead to your account being frozen.

The Horseshoe Menu



Besides the small map in the Horseshoe Menu, there are even more functions. Here you can see, which button is for what.


Map: Click on the map to see a large map.

+/-: Zoom in and out on the mini map.


I will start in clockwise direction!


Star: Competition results


Two People: Social menu. This is the friend and ignore list. You can send friend requests to other people (just write their name in the white line) or ignore people you don't like. Both lists are limited. At the friend list you can see if your friends are online (green picture) or offline (grey picture).

If you ignored someone you neither see them online nor read what they are writing.



Backpack: The Inventory. This is where you keep all the items, clothes, gear and other things you have picked up during your travels. If you need to discard something, drag it to the waste bin in the lower right corner of the Inventory window. Take care though, anything you throw away is permanently lost!


One Person: Character sheet. Here you can see your and the profile from your horse. If you want to know more about it, read here: Your Profile


The Quest Log: You can read about your current quests in the Quest Log. It is divided into two parts. The top part lists all your current quests. Click on a quest and the bottom part will display text that describes what you are supposed to do and where to go.



?: Help. All you need to know is listed there but you can also read it here ;)


Mobile Phone: The main menu. Here you can find the "Call for pick up" and all settings like graphics and audio. You can quit the game here, too.



Riding Club: Shows your Riding Club with all members and the description of the club. You can't click it if you aren't in a club.



Star Rider Star: If you can see this, you are a Star Rider!

Exclamation marks - Quests

There are four different exclamation marks and two other symbols, showing you available quests. If you see someone with an exclamation mark above their heads, you can talk to them!



Yellow: New available quest!


Green: Quest you can complete/Quest target.


Blue: Daily quest or race.


Grey: Quest in process.


Heart: Heart in a circle means that you need more reputation in that fraction to be able to do the quest.



Exclamation mark in a circle: Means that the quest giver has an available quest AND a quest that requires a higher reputation level.


Clock: Quest is available the next day.

You can read all about quests here: The Quests


Mail System

To use the mail system in Star Stable, first click on a mailbox. You can find mailboxes in all settlements in Jorvik.

When you have clicked a mailbox, first you will see is a list of mail you have received. The icon shows what type of mail it is (a letter, a package with an item, or something else). If it's blue it means that it's new. If it is grey you have already opened it. The number indicates how many more days the letter will be in your mailbox before it's deleted.


Click on a letter to open and read it. If you want to reply or throw it away there are buttons for this at the bottom of the letter.


To send mail, click the New button.

1. Type in the name of the receiver, or select one of your friends from the drop down menu.

2. Type the header and the text, and finally click Send to send the letter.


Whenever you have new mail waiting for you, an icon of a letter will be displayed in the horseshoe menu.