The Essentials

In this category you will find everything important about SSO (Star Stable Online).

The Registration: A complete step-by-step instruction how to register SSO. If you want to know what kind of girls and horses you can create, have a look at "Animals & Humans" in the navigation menu on the left.


Costs & Star Rider: Here you can find out if and what SSO costs, how to become a Star Rider and what that actually is.


First Time Ingame: What to expect when you play SSO for the first time, the controls and the symbols on your desktop.


Your Profile: The explanation for your and your horse's profile and the importance of reputation levels.


Chat & Symbols: The importance of all symbols and how to chat.


Riding & Care: How to ride and care for your horse.


Home Stable: All about your home stable!


Competitions & Championships: How to do contests, all daily races (with XP and JS) and all about Championships.


Groups & Riding Clubs: What these are for and how to create a Riding Club - with a list of names.


The Map: The Map of Jorvik and an explanation about ingame navigation.


The Shops: All kinds of shops you can find in Jorvik.