SSO Updates List

The original idea is from Ella Goldwater and I'm glad that I can use her data. :)


Date Content of the updates Quest state
02/01/14  Opening of the cafes   2x SQ
08/01/14  Quest get to know the residents, clothes Side quest

 Quest get to know the residents 2, clothes,


Side quest
22/01/14  Clothes, shoes, glasses  
29/01/14  Horses, Ponies, clothes  

 Opening of the Horse Island, clothes, changes to the



 1x SQ

1x SQ

12/02/14  Quest Valentine's day, clothes, equipment  Side quest
19/02/14  Horses, hairstyle for horses  

 Quest Goldspur Family, clothes, Horse Island less


Story quest?
05/03/14  Shop (barber, clothes)   2x SQ

 Quest Restaurant, clothes, make up, faster horse


Side quest
19/03/14  Ferries, shop (clothes, equipment)  
26/03/14  Quest Traveling Fair, horses, shop (gear & clothing)  Side quest
02/04/14  Quest Pet Shop, pets, clothing   Side quest  

 1x SQ

3x SQ

09/04/14  Quest Zed the Rocker, shop (clothing & gear), reset of highscores Side quest
16/04/14  Quest Easter, easter shops, reset of highscores Side quest

 Quest Starshie & Lisa, clothes

Story quest
30/04/14  Gear, changes to global chat, hidden quest (lost parcel)  
07/05/14  Quest Horse Market, ponies, gear Side quest  2x SQ
14/05/14  Pony championship, clothes  
21/05/14  Quest Clockmaker, clothes Side quest
28/05/14  Clothes, hidden quest (parcel)  
04/06/14  Horses, clothes, Quest Horse Market Side quest  1x SQ


Date Content of the updates

 Quest Druids training, clothes, pets, race

 (Mrs. Morse)

Story quest

1x SQ


1x SQ

09/01/13  Equipment, pets  

 Quest Waterfall, championship, pets, saddlebags

Side quest
23/01/13  Race (Will), Collector's equipment  
30/01/13  Mission (Stars), equipment, chat changes  
06/02/13  Quest Jasper's Farm, clothes, horses level 15 Story quest

1x SQ


2x SQ

13/02/13  Quest Valentine's day, clothes, horse food Side quest
20/02/13  Quest Cellar, equipment Side quest
27/02/13  Championships, clothes  

 Quest Jame's nightmares, change horse's names, stars

Story quest

1x SQ


2x SQ

13/03/13  Clothes, contest (T-shirts)  
20/03/13  Quest pets, new pets, saddlebags Side quest
27/03/13  Quest easter eggs, championships, equipment Side quest
03/04/13  Quest oil rig, Shop (barber) Story quest

1x SQ


1x SQ

10/04/13  Horses, horse shoes  
17/04/13  Collector's outfit, horses  
24/04/13  Quest tourists, horses, equipment, clothes Side quest
01/05/13  Championships, clothes  

1x SQ


2x SQ

08/05/13  Quest circus, equipment Story quest
15/05/13  Horses, equipment, contest (T-shirts established)  
22/05/13  Quest garden 1, Shop (Star), 8 horses in home stable Side quest
29/05/13  Quest garden 2, clothes, equipment, championships Side quest

 Quest garden 3, horse stylists, clothes,


Side quest 3x SQ
12/06/13  Horses (animated)  

 Quest Observatory, more space for clothes etc,

 Shop (Star)

Side quest
26/06/13  Quest Midsummer, decoration, pets, saddlebags Side quest
03/07/13  Shop (clothes), new highscores, bug fixes  

1x SQ


1x SQ

10/07/13  Horses  
17/07/13  Quest Rob & Bob, clothes, equipment Side quest
24/07/13  Horses, clothes  
31/07/13  Quest Elizabeth, equipment Story quest
07/08/13  Horse trainer, equipment set  

1x SQ


1x SQ

14/08/13  Quest Fishing, Shop (clothes) Side quest
21/08/13  Ponies, clothes  
28/08/13  Quest pink light in Silverglade Story quest
04/09/13  Equipment set    
11/09/13  Shops (glasses)  
18/09/13  Ponies, race (Ponies)  
25/09/13  Stable care, clothes  

 2 years StarStable, clothes, equipment, fireworks,

 accessoiries (LT)


2x SQ

1x SQ

09/10/13  Horses, more stable space  
16/10/13  Quest Fixing the Bridge Story quest

 Harvest Counties Opening, horses, shops, races, Quest 


Story quest
30/10/13  Quest Halloween 1, shops (Halloween)  Side quest

 Race (Barbara), shops (pets, saddlebags), Quest

 Halloween 2

 Side quest 3x SQ

 Quest Fishing, shops (beauty, fishing), more money &

 fraction points

 Side quest
20/11/13  Horses, championship  
27/11/13  Quest Christmas 1, shops, clothes, equipment  Side quest
04/12/13  Quest Christmas 2, clothes  Side quest 4x SQ
11/12/13  Quest Christmas 3, snow, clothes  Side quest
18/12/13  Quest Christmas 4, horses, clothes  Side quest
26/12/13  Fireworks, New Year stores  

Summary 02/01/13 - 26/12/13

9x Story quest

19x Side quest

13x New shops

1x Contest

Specials: New horses and ponies - partly animated and in different sizes | Accessories | First race for ponies only | Opening of the new location "Harvest Counties"



Date Content of the updates
Quest state Total
27/06/12  Quest Fishing, clothes Side quest 1x SQ
04/07/12  Shop (barber), decoration   1x SQ
11/07/12  Quest Blacksmith, hotels/hostels Side quest
18/07/12  Collector's outfit  
25/07/12  Race (Emma), Shop (Decoration)  
01/08/12  Shop (Clothes), Contest (Disco)  

2x SQ


1x SQ


 Quest Alex in GH, clothes, leg wraps, Feature

 "without saddle"

Story quest
15/08/12  Shop (Equipment), Deluxe-Set  
22/08/12  Quest Marley's Barrel, Race (Josh), clothes Side quest
29/08/12  Quest with witch Pi, Shop (Decoration), clothes Story quest

 Mission (Claire), Collector's outfit, decoration,

horses until level 13

  2x SQ
12/09/12  Quest Treasure hunt, Shop (Decoration) Side quest

 Equipment, Shops (Barber & Decoration),

 Rebuilding towers in FP, Contest (Disco)

26/09/12  Quest Observatory, clothes Side quest
03/10/12  Birthday, Equipment (limited), fireworks  

1x SQ


1x SQ

10/10/12  Mission (Security), clothes  
17/10/12  Quest Alex on the beach, equipment Story quest

 Mission (Halloween), special clothes - equipment-
make up

Side quest

 Race (Scarecrow Hill), clothes, collector's outfit

07/11/12  Quest Gretchen, clothes, leg wraps Side quest

1x SQ


2x SQ


 Quest Druids, Race (Sophie), equipment

Story quest
21/11/12  Mission (Secret quests), leg wraps  

 Quest Christmas 1, Deluxe-Equipment,


Side quest
05/12/12  Quest Christmas 2, clothes Side quest 3x SQ
12/12/12  Quest Christmas 3, clothes, equipment Side quest

 Quest Christmas 4, pets, home stable,

 clothes, equipment

Side quest
26/12/12  Fireworks, BBQ, Deluxe-Equipment  

Summary 27/06/12 - 26/12/13

4x Story quest

11x Side quest

8x New shops

3x Contest

Special: Home stable | Pets