Horse Names

Here you can see a list with all naming options available. As you already know from your family name, you can vary between two components.

If you don't like the name anymore, you can change it by the notary in Silverglade Village against a payment for a fee.



Part 1 [Air - Winter] & Part 2 [angel - winner]

Air  angel
Amethyst  beam
Angel  beauty
Anti  belle
Apple  blaze
Ash  blood
Autumn  born
Baby  boy
Big  brother
Blue  cake
Brave  champion
Bright  chaser
Carrot  chief
Cat  child
Cinnamon  cloud
Cool  crush
Coral  cry
Crazy  dale
Daisy  dancer
Danger  darling
Dark  diamond
Day  dream
Diamond  dreamer
Dog  eagle
Dragon  eye
Dream  father
East  feather
Ember  fighter
Emerald  fire
Evening  flame
Ever  flower
Far  flyer
Fast  friend
Fire  gaze
Fox  gazer
Frog  ghost
Frost  girl
Giga  heart
Gold  hill
Grass  hoof
Gray  hope
Green  hunter
Hawk  hurricane
Hay  ice
Hot  joy
Ice  jumper
Jade  kid
Jewel  king
Lemon  kiss
Light  knight
Lion  lion
Love  love
Marbel  madness
Mega  magic
Midnight  mane
Mini  maniac
Mist  master
Money  mist
Moon  mother
Morning  mountain
Mouse  mystery
Night  nova
North  peak
Obsidian  pearl
Old  petal
Onyx  pepper
Opal  play
Party  prince
Peace  princess
Pop  promise
Quick  queen
Raven  rabbit
Rock  rain
Rose  rebel
Ruby  rider
Sapphire  river
Scarlet  rocket
Sky  runner
Small  shadow
Smoke  shout
Snake  singer
Snow  sister
South  smash
Space  song
Spider  soul
Spring  spider
Star  spirit
Storm  spot
Summer  star
Sun  stone
Super  tear
Thunder  top
Tiger  tornado
Ultra  torch
Walrus  trouble
West  walker
Wild  warrior
Winter  whisper
Wolf  winner